enablers International Ltd. is a European company for international market growth. The focus of activity is in those areas of the world, where growth is strong. enablers International develops business potential for securing and developing business. It offers the complete process of moving from one market to another tailor made to the necessities of the respective client. enablers has partner offices in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Ethiopia.

Main Milestones since 2003:

2008: Stephan Willms, Director of enablers, co-authored the "Geschäftsplan Deutschland" which was ranked among the top ten German business books of the year (Deutscher Wirtschaftsbuchpreis). More details under www.geschaeftsplan-deutschland.de

2008: enablers developes wind energy projects for Ethiopia and Africa

2008: enablers sponsored the exhibition "Young Ethiopian Art" in Vienna

2007: enablers consults the Ethiopian government in the area of investment promotion, branding and image building

2007: Strategy consultant Dr. Peer Ederer joins the enablers network as an enablers partner

2006: Identification of strategic engineering partners for German wind turbine manufacturer

2005: Identification of Take-over targets for large German automotive supplier

2005: enablers International Ltd. and lawyer Jörg Kubitza from Eutin found "enablers legal services" and is now able to serve its clients in the areas of international contract law, mediation, wind energy law and company law

2004: First steps into the Chinese market. Technology transfer project with Chinese client.

2004: Partner offices established in Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia and Romania

2003: enablers is founded to assist German companies in taking advantage of EU enlargement